Oasis of Life Theological College


Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. – 2nd Ttimothy 2:15

The vision of Oasis of Life Theological College came through Apostle I.N. Sithole. His burden was to give the people of God a sound teaching based on Bible principles.

The college started in 2004 and at this point the programme was given by the American Seminar but in 2006 the college had a shift in the programme of the running of academic of the college.

The college has 2 semesters in a year. The college has 4 year courses which are divided in this manner:-

1. Certificate in biblical study
2. The 4th year is bachelor of Theology

We also have a non-truck Diploma for those who did not complete the whole programme.

Since the beginning of the college we have more than 16 students who have their Degree in Theology and 1 student who has a Non-Truck Diploma.

Academic Requirements:

All enrolees must have matriculated in order to qualify for entrance to OLTC. Exceptions will be made for non-Matriculates’ who are at least twenty years of age and older with a good command of English. Admission will only be on a provisional basis; that is, provided the applicant has letters of recommendation verifying his or her ability to do college work.

Language Requirements:

All enrolees must be proficient in both speaking and writing English. Even so each student will be encouraged to maintain and develop their cultural language.

Application for Admission

An application form must be filled out by the student, plus a pastor’s recommendation letter from the applicant’s home church must be submitted.


The purpose of a Theological College is to provide an institution of higher education that exits to prepare students for Christian ministries of church vocations through a program of Biblical, general and professional studies. Included in these ministries are church vocations such as pastor, missionary, Christian education director and minister of music. A Biblical college’s primary purpose is to direct the student in getting a Christian education in order that the student will have foundational understanding of God’s word combined with the personal ability to effectively apply its truths under the leadership and enduement of the Holy Spirit.

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