Tembisa Branch

OLFC Tembisa

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Pastor: Pastor and Mrs Moselakgomo

Address: 135 Sangweni Section

Contact: +27 78 305 1704 


The Tembisa Branch of Oasis of Life family Church started as a home fellowship by Rev A
Moselakgomo and Pastor P Malesa who were working with the Late Mrs Theodora Manno Ndaba
under the name Apostolic Word Church in 1986, the home fellowship comprised of less than 10
families- the 3 leaders then met with Apostle I.N Sithole in 1987 and bought in to his vision thus the
birth of Oasis of life Family Church in 1987.

The Church continued to run through home fellowships, as more families joined in such as Mr
Ronnie Simbango, Mr Mathebula, Pastor Hendry Hadebe, Pastor Nelson Takatso, Pastor Mangwane
and their respective families all of whom have went on to form their own churches-it was then quite
clear that the Church had to find an alternative place of worship as there were now too many
members to house in Home fellowships, the decision was then made that the church be based in
Isisekelo Primary School in the Isithame Section of Tembisa, the Church continued to grow in leaps
and bounds having a membership of +-80 and had to move again to Inqayizivele Secondary School
in Tsenelong Section where the church was based for a good +-10 years.

The Church went through many challenges during the years to name but a few Church leadership
who went on to form their own respective churches resulting in dwindling memberships, lack of
finances and a suitable site to purchase and build on resulting in members sometimes having to
attend services whilst standing and under umbrellas after finding the gates of the schools in which
they were fellowshipping closed.

The Church leadership through God’s grace was then able to purchase a site in the year 2001 where
the church is currently based (Temong Section, Tembisa), although membership has since gone
extremely down the church has had immense support from the main branch (Daveyton) through Mr
and Mrs Msimango along with other partners who were assigned by the Apostle to offer support to
the branch from 2011 to date, since then the Church has shown immense potential to grow as
milestones such as putting up a structure which was an immense challenge due to financial
constraints the Church was under however this was achieved after years of fellowship in a tent,
the once mighty worship team which had demised through the years has now began to slowly pick
up and return to its former glory.

The intention going forward is for the Church to grow especially in the community it is in-as a place
of Love, hope and Fellowship. The Church has already been recognized by the Local Government as a
partner in initiatives pertaining to the community it is situated in.