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Pastor: Apostle OJ and Mrs Twala

Address: Braamfischerville, Soweto, 1875


Oasis of Life Family Church in Braamfischer was planted on the 5th August 2005. This branch was pioneered by Pastor Oscar Twala, who is now an Apostle and Senior Pastor of the Church.

Braamficher is one of the townships that has been recently added to Soweto other 29 townships.

The Church launched with about 50 people and from that very beginning God has been good and saw us through opposition and resistance from the powers of darkness initially the Church faced a very hostel resistance from the devil using certain community people to stand against the planting of this local ministry in this area.

However, we praise the lord who caused us to triumph against all this evil resistance. God provided funds to purchase a tent that had a capacity of 500 people. Within a space of 3 years the lord gave us a breakthrough and we managed to buy land to build the house of worship for the Lord.

After several years using the tent structure, the Lord led us to build a much stronger structure using chromadek sheeting. This structure has a capacity of 800 people we have seen exceptional church growth spiritually and numerically during the past 12 years.

The Holy Spirit has gradually grown the church memberships to 500 people including the Sunday school children. We praise God that the church has attracted a diverse audience consisting of the youth and elderly people. Single parents, married couples and senior citizens. God has also blessed the church with professional people who are comminted to serving the church along with Apostle Twala in leading the church. Being part of Oasis of Life Family Church under the leadership of Apostle I.N Sithole has enhanced the growth of this local Church immensely. Braamfischer church is committed to pursuing the vision given to him by God, to love and care for Gods people, vigorously. It is a great honour for the local church to be part and fully participate on the celebration of 30 years anniversary of Oasis of Life Family Churches.

Apostle O. Twala has the responsibility of taking the Braamfischer branch to the next level.